Hi there,

i mentioned this already quite a while ago and want to talk again about 
it. Ok, i think it would be good if we would had an starting application 
for warzone, where you can setup game settings like the resolution 
etc... and features for managing mods and maps. As well it would be 
easier to implement a game (lobby) browser, instead of touching the 
awful GUI code - from what i heard about it.

My idea was to implement this application via wxWidgets and transfer the 
data from this application via a socket at startup. That means, the 
starter starts warzone with the "-extern" flag, warzone fires up, opens 
a local socket and the starter transfers all needed data trough it. 
(Instead of implementing it via long cmd switches)

However, thats the raw idea, I can explain it deeper if there is some 
positive resonance.

- Regards, Kamaze

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