2009/2/14 bugs buggy <buginato...@gmail.com>:
> That is one of things that is crashing us now.
> Host has that map pack.
> User connecting don't.
> game tries to send map, but since, it is in the map pack, it has no
> idea how to deal with it, and it can't find anything to send.
> If we send false on that condition, then the User still don't have the
> map, and it requests the map again, and we run into a infinite loop.
> My patch right now, has a force exit() to the host, since *all*
> players must have that map pack to work correctly.
> The other option would be to kick the user that don't have the map
> pack.  And since we can't send messages on a kick, they will try to
> connect again & again...
> Which is the lesser of two evils?

Well, first, we should fix that: Add the ability to send a message on
a kick, and depending on the message, have the client not

And then, if each map contains its filename, they could all contain
the map pack name, and then the host could just send the entire map
pack to everyone.

- Zarel

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