Am Samstag, 14. Februar 2009 21:29:02 schrieb bugs buggy:
> On 2/14/09, Kreuvf <> wrote:
> > bugs buggy wrote:
> >  > Well, seems that we can't use physFS to read a archive within a
> >  > archive. We also can't tell what is the file for said map pack easily.
> >
> > You could do it the way Black NEXUS did it, although this surely has
> > several drawbacks:
> >
> That is one of things that is crashing us now.
> Host has that map pack.
> User connecting don't.
> game tries to send map, but since, it is in the map pack, it has no
> idea how to deal with it, and it can't find anything to send.
Why do we not just send just the binary data? I mean, we can load the map 
apparently. We can transmit blobs over the network, too. Everyone can receive 
blobs. We should be able to feed a datastructure with that blob. And then save 
it in a cache file for later reuse.
Does that not sound ok? Are there issues with that approach?


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