On Thursday, 23 April 2009 at 23:09, bugs buggy wrote:
> On 4/23/09, Zarel <zare...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >  2009/4/23 bugs buggy <bugi...@gmail.com>:
> > > I am not sure it is fontconfig, freetype, or QuesoGLC.  I just know
> >  > that I can't duplicate it, and I don't have vista to really see what
> >  > lib is responsible.
> >  > I just know that we don't do anything wrong in the codebase, so the
> >  > problem should be reported upstream.  To who, I dunno, but the above
> >  > listed ones are prime suspects.
> >
> >
> > "Blame upstream" seems to be mostly an OSS thing. Have you ever worked
> >  in proprietary software? If upstream has a problem, they're unlikely
> >  to fix it, so you work around it.
> >
> >  I mean, do we want to make the best RTS in a theoretical world where
> >  upstream is always perfect, or do we want to make the best RTS on
> >  Earth?
> Just who has the time to fix a bug that is upstream?  I sure don't.
> As for fixing it, like I said, I can't replicate what I can't fix, and
> to fix this, I would need to install a new OS, find the library
> responsible, and then fix it.  *Way* too much work to fix this issue.

Well, as the problem seems to be fontconfig being very slow scanning the
Windows font directory on Vista, the solution is to use our own directory. IIRC
the reason that wasn't done was that fontconfig cannot work through physfs, so
we need an extra font directory in Warzone's install dir (that would work all
the same on all systems (which would save the OSX ifdefs), but doesn't provide
any fallbacks).

> >  2048 in trunk is the equivalent of 128 or so in 2.2. Seriously.
> >  Compare 128 in 2.2 with 128 in trunk. 2.2 will look sharp, and trunk
> >  will look _ridiculously_ blurry.
> We are talking about 2.2, not trunk.  Trunk can have different default values.

Yes. That's why I think it should have a different config dir as well.

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