On Thursday, 23 April 2009 at 22:02, Zarel wrote:
> Do you think DejaVu Sans is better, or DejaVu Sans Bold?

I think Warzone uses bold for the main menu, and normal for the smaller text.

> So how exhaustive is DejaVu Sans?

Quoting their website:

The following scripts are supported:

    * Latin (including European and African alphabets, IPA, ...)
    * Greek (including polytonic)
    * Cyrillic
    * Georgian 

Following scripts aren't available in all the styles:

    * Armenian
    * Hebrew
    * N'ko
    * Tifinagh
    * Lao
    * Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
    * Ogham
    * Arabic 

That should cover most widely used languages except the East Asian ones
(Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.), and possibly African languages.

> Yeah, well, I have a reasonably specced:
> 2.4 GHz Core 2 Quad
> 6 GB RAM
> GeForce 8800 GT
> And colored cursors still provide a noticeable performance hit. I
> can't stand cursor lag. I might be more sensitive to it than most,
> though.

2,6 GHz X2 and X800GTO handicapped by the free drivers here, and as I said, it
didn't bother me. Some Macs are quite low-end as well, aren't they? Those also
have coloured cursors, and cannot disable them (how did this work before?).

I still say enable them (it's still a beta), poll the forums, and mention both
the option and the poll in the release notes. If too many people complain, we
can still disable them again for the release. But leaving it off will never get
enough feedback imo.

> Alt-Enter doesn't work on Windows, and I don't think it works on OSX either.

Oh, right, that only worked on decent systems :P

> LogoKey and Alt+Tab work for "untrap cursor" in Windows, and so does
> Esc. I'm guessing at least Esc and Alt+Tab should work in Linux.

Esc works as long as the game still runs (i.e. is able to process keys).
Alt-Tab doesn't do anything here. It is usually a window manager function, and
that is overridden by SDL's cursor grab (and fullscreen mode as well btw). An
ungrab would have to be handled by the X server itself (or perhaps by running a
keyboard polling thread that cannot be locked by the main program).

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