On 1/4/10, Kreuvf <xxxx...@xxxxxxx2100.de> wrote:
> Per Inge Mathisen wrote:
>  > So here is my suggestion: We pick one branch as the final campaign
>  > release tree, and at some point branch it to become an "original
>  > campaign only" branch, removing anything other than campaign from it
>  > (ie no skirmish, multiplayer, etc). Starting the executable built from
>  > this branch just brings up the tutorials, load game, options and
>  > campaign. Whenever we build releases from newer branches, we also
>  > build an original campaign executable from this branch to include.
>  > Then we drop all code and scripts specific to the original campaign
>  > from newer branches and trunk. Instead we focus on rebuilding campaign
>  > support code on top of the new savegame format and lua branch when
>  > those are done, so that new campaigns can be written.
> Please tell me if I understand this correctly (don't mind the version 
> numbers!):
>  - Pick one branch as final campaign release tree --> for instance 2.3
>  ==> 2.3 = campaign branch
>  - Time goes by.
>  - Remove anything not necessary for the campaign.
>  ==> campaign only branch (cob)
>  - Remove campaign stuff from 2.4 and trunk.
>  - Rebuilding campaign support code on top of new savegame format and lua 
> branch,
>  when those are done
>  - Release of 2.4
>  ==> executable of 2.4 + executable of cob
>  - Release of 3.0
>  ==> lua branch and new savegame format done
>  - Release of 4.0
>  ==> rewritten campaign
>  ==> <Buginator> Die, cob, die!
>  ==> RIP cob.
>  If this is the basic idea, I'm fine with it. But I suggest the following:
>  Thoroughly think through the many side-effects. Videos will have to be split 
> as
>  there is a general part (those vids shown on the intelligence screen), an
>  MP-only part and an SP-only part. Nonetheless, I am willing to help 
> where/when I
>  can. :)
I don't know where you got the idea of me saying die! xzy die! I would
never say that! ;)
[invisibleink]die! 2.2.x die![/invisibleink]

As hard as it is to believe, I would rather keep campaign going since
it really is the part that brought me to this project.
I understand that campaign is very easy to break, and we really lack
people that want to play campaign over & over again from square one,
but, if it works out, the answer to this will be a custom script that
we can use to test all aspects of campaign for us.

IIRC, lua is also not a silver bullet to all our script issues.  Yes,
it will be a nice improvement, but as long as we still use any of the
old code in the codebase, we will still have script issues.
I also think that the most of the hold-up for getting lua done has to
do with campaign scripts conversion.

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