I hope I am "allowed" to write my opinion even if I have away since long time.

I have to agree with many mentioned points...
There are issues and things I think should be changed, that Christian and 
others mentioned.
And I also agree that a "I am the manager/boss, do what I say!" attitude might 
not fit a free project.
But since I follow this list, I see that there are many proposed changes that 
several ppl seem to like, but that dont get done, because the community in 
it's whole is not able to decide whether to do it or simply do it.
I think a manager as in "boss" is wrong.
I think what is needed is more like somebody who does the administrative 
changes that have been proposed.

So an important thing that needs to be done/changes is following (IMO):
_Decide_ on administrative changes.
Get someone to actually _do_ it.

On the documentation:
I think documentation of any kind is very helpful. Even if it is only on 
function level ("This function does that.").
Sure, I would be able to read the code and do some (small?) changes without a 
doc. But with a doc this would be easier and faster (for newbs).
And I agree with what Rod said: If you think the code needs docs, go on and 
document it!

-- Dennis

P.S. I know the arguments of my critics: I am also not doing anything.
I started to doxygen the functions, but am not able to finish it to a proper 
level. This is because I have near to no time...
Perhaps I will search and save money for a laptop that fits into the DIN A4 
case in my locker.
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