aidy, thanks a lot.

I am very interesting in your code for learning the objects in discovery.rb,
but it does not work in my machine, and it work well in firewatir.
Have you the similar method code for the IE watir  to discovery the objects
on page? Or could you please provide some suggestion so that I can modify it
for work.


2008/10/4 aidy lewis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Hi,
> On 03/10/2008, bugs apple <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > hi, everyone,
> >
> > At recently days, we decided to make use of watir to implement the
> regession
> > test, instead of the QTP(Quick Test Profesional, produced in HP company),
> This is probably one of the best decisions you have made in your life.
> > which is the namest and strong bussiness automated test tool for web.
> No it is not: It is a heavyweight, resource hungry tool with the best
> results gotten from ignoring all its 'features' and writing in pure
> vbscript files
> that you attach to your project.
> > Althrough the QTP bring us more benefits,
> Could you please explain?
> >. The watir is best one choice. Comparing the
> > Object spy tool and the object repositry and its manage in QTP, it seemed
> to
> > us develop the watir code is very slowly.
> Once you build up a framework with an application map, things will speed
> up.
> > Especially, the developer have to spend much more time to spy the objects
> on page.
> You could write some Ruby code that iterates through the objects in
> your page and throws them out somewhere.
> An example is here:
> .
> Aidy
> >

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