Hi Pallavi,

I've been having similar issues where manually using a select list
exhibits different behavior than coding a selection.  I had to figure
out how to best mimic how a user would interact with the form.
Eventually I found that, if I select the field label, set the value in
the select list, then use $browser.send_keys("{TAB}") to tab off the
field, it gives me the desired effect.  This probably won't help you,
but this is what I had to do in order to get what I was looking for.

Good luck!


On Jun 8, 10:49 pm, Pallavi Sharma <write2pall...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I have a scenario in which, if i chose a value in a select list, the same
> value is filled in a text box given by calling an onchange event.
> code looks like:<select name="ABC" onChange="onChangeTerm('ABC','XYZ')"
> onfocus="enterField(this)" size="1" stype="Selection">
> <input decimals="0" elength="3" name="XYZ" onblur="validateField(this)"
> onfocus="enterField(this)" onkeypress="NumberKeyCheck()" stype="Number"
> type="text" value="0" />
> The problem with this is when i do it manually, whatever value i chose in
> select list, it gets filled in the text box but when i do using the
> function:
> ie.select_list(:name,"ABC").select(value)
> it selects a value but doesn' fills the text box.
> I tried the fire events also but no help.
> Can anyone in the group please help me with this issue.
> [watir -1.6.2]
> Thanks
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