I've used the VSTS stuff to do http level web and loadtesting, and
found it a great tool for such things.

MS has it's own standard for report files (it appears to be largely
xml based if I recall correctly)  so potentially one solution might be
to see if you can find documentation on that format and have your
tests write out their results in that way.

The other thing to investigate might be if you could use something
like IronRuby to allow you to more tightly integrate your watir tests
so that they run as if they were unit tests, and the results then
reported back via VSTS's normal reporting for unit tests.

Considering not many of the folks here have a lot of experience using
VSTS, you might also want to try posting in one of the appropriate
MSDN Visual Studio forums (either for Test Edition, or Team Suite
(which includes the TE functionality).  When I was doing a lot of
loadtesting stuff at a prior job, I used to hang out in their web/
loadtest forum a lot, and it's a pretty good group of folks over there
who I've found were generally pretty helpful.  So since this is really
more about getting VSTS to read/accept your test results, than
something specific to Watir, you might be able to get better assitance
from them, at least in terms of figuring out if the issue is somehow
telling VSTS to link to the results of your tests, or perhaps
formatting those results in a way vsts understands.

On Jun 30, 3:27 am, gary <> wrote:
> Hi Chethan,
> thanks for your reply, yes it is windows, here's a more detailed
> outline of what I have and then what I'm aiming for.
> I have let's say 30 individual watir scripts which include numerous
> tests each. They output the results to individual text files.
> I have a single results watir script which takes the information from
> all the results text files and build a single html file.
> I have a single run all watir script which runs desired watir test
> scripts then the results script at the end.
> This is all fine, and it works for me.
> I also have numerous other tests, mainly a set of manual scripts.
> There's also a bit of performance testing thrown in. And to finish off
> there's the testing & documentation for any other individual tests,
> mainly for issue fixing.
> Currently I have a jumbled mass of word, excel, html, ruby files which
> from a project.
> With Team System for testers, I can create my project to include all
> my tests....  I run the project, it goes off, does some performance
> testing records the results, does a bit off unit testing and records
> the results, walks user through any manual testcases, records the
> results, etc. When finished combines all the results into a summary of
> all the tests. Great, but this does not include my watir scripts!
> What I'd like to do is add my watir scripts into this project, ideally
> so when it gets to the watir tests it actually runs them and is not a
> manual prompt for me to run them. Which then hopefully includes the
> results into the summary of the project. I'd assume then that if the
> scripts were part of a project then I'd use the Visual Studio IDE.
> Hopefully this is a bit clearer.
> Cheers, Gary
> On Jun 30, 6:43 am, Chethan <> wrote:
> > I didn't get your problem, I assume that you want a system to run all
> > the independent test suits & a single HTML result file should get
> > generated.
> > I have implemented framework where I have multiple suites & that will
> > be run by bat file(I assume your working on Windows platform). In the
> > suits independent scripts will send out HTML code to a file such away
> > that it will make a HTML table.
> > At last all the HTML code will be gathered will do some computation of
> > no of Pass, Fail & Errors. which will make a HTML result file.
> > Let me know do you looking for same kind of framework.
> > Thanks,
> > Chethan
> > On Jun 29, 7:58 pm, gary <> wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > I've got a number of watir scripts which I run as part of a normal
> > > regression suite. They're set up as an independent test suite and
> > > output results to html to allow easy interpretation of results.
> > > We've decided to invest in the Team tester version of Team System,
> > > after all, that's what our developers use, but I'm having trouble
> > > integrating my watir scripts.
> > > I was hoping to simply reference the individual scripts as generic
> > > tests but things are never that straight forward.
> > > Has anybody else integrated their watir scripts with Team system for
> > > testers, and if so how did you do it?
> > > Many thanks,
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