First of all thanks for the hints.
So it means that the web2py's integrated grid will not be suitable for my 
needs. Bad luck. :-(
Then here is a stupid and somehow provocative ( :-) ) question: What is the 
value add of web2py (compared for example to flask or bottle) if in every 
case I have to use an external javascript library like Datatable, or 
slickgrid, or Tabulator?

Now regarding your concern (normally I am saying exactly like you, nobody 
is able to check some thousands rows, but in fact... well, yes. They are 
doing it. Actually in Excel) about the number of rows, here are some 
Those reports are about our activity and each department is analyzing their 
activities for the past, as well as for the coming several weeks.
So the initial reports are extracted from a huge database of hundreds of 
millions of records. So the size of the reports are from some hundred to at 
most, let's say 25000 records.
After that the users are starting "working" on the data. They are sorting 
and filtering them for after that do what they have to do with the 
information they have got.
There is always a sentence I hate: "Can I export it to Excel?" :-) I'm 
teaching them to use a central too and database and do not export it into a 
tool like Excel to manipulate the data to see "exactly" how they want them.

That's why I'm looking for a user friendly table (grid) solution where I an 
able to format (color) the data based on some rules, sort and filter them.

As a background information: I'm coming from a windows desktop development 
world (.NET, Delphi), where all this is not an issue, everything is 
performing well and fast. But.. It is not web based so the deployment of 
the updates are a kind of headache. And I like Python. :-)

2016. november 30., szerda 23:46:39 UTC+1 időpontban Brian M a következőt 
> Can you use web2py for a reporting site - sure, a lot of what I do with it 
> is reporting. I've been using which can provide pagination, 
> sorting, search, aggregation and even basic export (via TableTools) for 
> almost free. While it can enhance regular old HTML tables, with large 
> numbers of rows I'd definitely pass it JSON datasets instead because it'll 
> perform much better. You could also do all sorts of client side 
> manipulation with AngularJS, React, Ractive, etc. too. Depends on your 
> skills and needs. As for graphing, sure you can - there are plenty of good 
> graphing libraries out there. Lately I've been using 
> You'll need to use executesql() 
> <>
>  to 
> run your stored procedures since the normal DAL doesn't do them itself. 
> One thing that concerns me is your mention of needing to display thousands 
> of rows. I can't imagine such a large report being very user friendly. Even 
> if it is paginated there is no way anybody can scan through that much stuff 
> and come up with much for useful/actionable conclusions. You probably need 
> to be looking at far better filtering and/or aggregation so that you're 
> providing quality over raw quantity.
> Like Alex said though - it might be worth while to look into a dedicated 
> reports generator. You're on MSSQL so why not investigate Microsoft SQL 
> Server Reporting Services? You can build nice interfaces in that too that'd 
> let your users fill out simple forms. Just because it's a reports generator 
> doesn't mean that your users have to be computer savvy enough to be able to 
> build the reports from scratch - that's were you come in and setup the 
> types of reports they need so that they're easy for the user to access in a 
> way that's easy for them.
> ~Brian
> On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 3:43:03 PM UTC-6, Gabor Nyul wrote:
>> Well, my users have as good as no computer literary, so the reports 
>> (lists) must be predefined for them.
>> Theyhave just to enter some parameters (like date from, date to) Nd run 
>> the reports.
>> That's why I'm looking for an easy way to present those lists to them. 
>> And of course, all the normal security staff (only specifically user groups 
>> van see specific reports, where, I think web2py gives a correct solution) 
>> should be provided.
>> 2016. nov. 30. 22:23 ezt írta ("Alex Glaros" <>):
>>> with so many reports, why not just put them in a reports generator?
>>> this way, clients could tweak or create new simple reports themselves 
>>> without programmer
>>> Alex Glaros
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