This is exactly what I'm looking for. I do not want to Excel in that 
reporting circle.
But to achieve this I need tools to help me.
And those tools shouldn't give me and the team too much work compared to 
that Excel based reporting.
That why I'm asking questions.

2016. december 1., csütörtök 20:24:59 UTC+1 időpontban Alex Glaros a 
következőt írta:
> Unstructured spreadsheet processing is a world-wide problem.
> Consider creating a small prototype in web2py to replace the unstructured 
> spreadsheet-based processes focused on demonstrating interoperability 
> advantages.
> If there are data-quality/time improvements, and clearly articulated 
> innovation opportunities arising from integrated data, then perhaps exec 
> will let you replace spreadsheet processes with enterprise-wide web2py 
> system.

- (Documentation)
- (Source code)
- (Report Issues)
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