On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 11:08:18 AM UTC-8, Gabor Nyul wrote:
> First of all thanks for the hints.
> So it means that the web2py's integrated grid will not be suitable for my 
> needs. Bad luck. :-(
> Then here is a stupid and somehow provocative ( :-) ) question: What is 
> the value add of web2py (compared for example to flask or bottle) if in 
> every case I have to use an external javascript library like Datatable, or 
> slickgrid, or Tabulator?
*Every* case?

Answer 1:  For many cases you can use the bundled tools.  Your case isn't 
typical, it seems, because of the processing time your queries require. 
 The normal case for pagination is to use ajax to update the table, with 
the query having a limitby stipulation; this is typically fast enough for 
most people.  Improvement can be done by using caching, but the size of 
your results may make caching impractical.

Answer 2:  web2py provides a simple backend that often can get a website 
done quickly.  The default frontend tools provide a good starting point for 
 Datatables provides advanced frontend features that can be used to make 
the user experience feel more like a spreadsheet.  Your users in particular 
may appreciate that, since they are manipulating the data presentation.

If you had insight into what the users were looking for during their 
examination of the data, you may be able to provide a better query that 
could simplify the data presentation.  But perhaps there is no pattern 
shared by the different users, and you'd end up with a separate query for 
each user.  


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