On Jul 9, 2010, at 6:23 AM, Alex Milowski wrote:

> For MathML we have a master bug 3251 that we've been making depend
> on every new patch for MathML.  That is a very nice in that as new patches
> are added and committed, you can get notifications of the changes
> in status.

If all you're concerned about is getting email notifications, we can add you to 
the default CC list for the MathML component.

> We also have the MathML component that all bugs should be associated
> with.  As time goes but, bugs should get filed against the MathML
> component but they won't be associated with the master bug for MathML.
> What is the preferred process here?
> Should we keep the master bug?
> Should we use it only for our implementation efforts and not
> make it depend on every random bug filed for the MathML
> component?

I think an important question to ask is, "When will you move the master bug to 
Resolved/Fixed?" This is basically another way of saying, "What task(s) does 
the master bug represent?" Once you know that answer, the answers to your other 
questions may be obvious.


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