On Jul 10, 2010, at 1:17 AM, Alex Milowski wrote:

> I would think we'd close it when we've actually completely implemented
> MathML.  

If this is what you want the bug to represent, then it does make sense to keep 
all feature-implementation bugs related to this master bug, but none of the bug 
bugs…if that makes any sense.The bug bugs should be in the MathML component, 
but they shouldn't block the feature-complete bug.

> Just
> enabling it seems like something we could do now but our implementation is
> quite impoverished with respect to MathML 3.0.

I think we should consider enabling MathML. Just because we don't have MathML 
3.0 implemented yet doesn't mean we need to keep it off; there was a time when 
we didn't have any CSS 3 implemented, but that didn't mean our CSS 
implementation had to be turned off! I have been playing around with a 
MathML-enabled build, and I feel like we do a pretty good job getting a lot of 
MathML on the web right, and I haven't experienced any crashes in the MathML 
code either. And if we turn it on, more people will test it, and that is just 
plain helpful. Just my opinion!

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