On Jul 12, 2010, at 4:06 PM, Alex Milowski wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 7:49 PM, Maciej Stachowiak <m...@apple.com> wrote:
>> I think it's fine to enable MathML soon, as long as we make sure of the 
>> following:
>> 1) Using a MathML-enabled build shouldn't cause stability problems or 
>> functional or performance regressions when browsing ordinary non-MathML 
>> content.
> Some of tis is testable by passing all our test cases, right?  Or did you have
> something else in mind?

That plus browsing around some, or using the Safari "stress test" feature, wuld 
be enough to show basic stability.

> Do we have anything that measures "performance" for regressions?

The Safari team has some internal tests we could run, once you have a patch 

> I suspect that the performance on MathML with complicated row structures
> isn't going to be good at the moment.  There are two many multiple
> rendering passes for operator and content stretching and that can probably
> be optimized.  On the other hand, it seems to do quite well on "reasonable"
> MathML.

At this point, what I'm concerned about is that turning MathML on doesn't 
regress performance of other things (such as page load speed of normal HTML 
pages, or memory use when not using MathML). I would not expect it to, but 
there's always the possibility of unexpected interactions.

Optimizing MathML rendering itself is something that can be done after it gets 
turned on/

>> 2) We should try to do some fuzz testing to verify that MathML doesn't 
>> create security risks.
>> #2 can happen after we enable MathML, but should probably happen before 
>> anyone ships it.
> What is involved in (2) ?
> I'm happy to try to beat on the code to make sure it works well
> enough for people to feel comfortable turning it on.

I'm not an expert on making fuzzers, so maybe some of the security people here 
can chime in or perhaps even help out.


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