On 11/25/12 1:12 , Adam Barth wrote:
On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 1:53 PM, Gergely Kis <gerg...@homejinni.com> wrote:
Yes, I saw that thread, but I got confused by this other thread:

Here most of the participants seemed to agree that moving the 2 repositories
to use the same SHA ids is the best course of action.

Unfortunately, the folks who maintain the mirror don't appear to
agree.  Given that they've been gracious enough to let us use their
mirror, it's hard for us to ask them to change how they run it.

This is not accurate.

I replied directly to you Adam based on the above mentioned thread, countering a few points from the thread, but closing off by saying that if the consensus was that syncing the mirrors was the way to go, I was perfectly fine with that too. I still am -- all it takes is someone letting me know when to stop pushing and to do the mentioned force-push.

Tor Arne

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