On 11/28/12 16:55 , Adam Barth wrote:
My sense is that the WebKit community would prefer that the hashes in
GitHub match the hashes in git.webkit.org so that folks can more
easily move branches between the two.  For my part, I've switched over
to using GitHub exclusive of git.webkit.org, so the the difference in
hashes aren't an issue for me, but I can understand why they'd be
problematic for other people.

Yepp, agreed. Let's switch it over.

After the force-push, would you still be able to push updates
automatically?  If so, you can switch the hashes whenever is
convenient for you.  (It might be nice to announce the date/time on
this list so that folks aren't taken by surprise.)

The mirror is also pushed to http://gitorious.org/webkit/webkit, which I was planning to keep as is for now, so that would mean setting up an extra mirroring for the non-author-rewritten history :/ Also, the server I run this on has a somewhat uncertain future. With that in mind it's probably easier to just push directly from the same import that's pushed to git.webkit.org, and make the GitHub mirror an official mirror?

tor arne
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