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> On Sep 17, 2018, at 10:21 AM, Filip Pizlo <> wrote:
> Sorry, I should have asked: does it even rebuild when you change nothing?

I don’t know what it’s doing, only how long it takes. My test was to build and 
then build again. In many cases I am only changing a source file far downstream 
in dependencies but I am rebuilding everything because I just push the build 
button in Xcode or type make.

> That llint step really does depend on most headers in WTF and JSC, so if you 
> change any of them then I would expect a rebuild of that file.

I was not changing headers.

> It may be that the right solution is to make that step faster and to make it 
> possible to run it in parallel to other steps.

In many other cases skipping the entire build step based on file modification 
times is a great approach. I understand it might be hard to know which files 
need to be checked in a case like this so maybe that’s why we can’t apply the 
classic solution.

— Darin
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