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>> Sorry, I should have asked: does it even rebuild when you change nothing?
> I don’t know what it’s doing, only how long it takes. My test was to build 
> and then build again. In many cases I am only changing a source file far 
> downstream in dependencies but I am rebuilding everything because I just push 
> the build button in Xcode or type make.
>> That llint step really does depend on most headers in WTF and JSC, so if you 
>> change any of them then I would expect a rebuild of that file.
> I was not changing headers.
>> It may be that the right solution is to make that step faster and to make it 
>> possible to run it in parallel to other steps.
> In many other cases skipping the entire build step based on file modification 
> times is a great approach. I understand it might be hard to know which files 
> need to be checked in a case like this so maybe that’s why we can’t apply the 
> classic solution.

Also, there are many changes to the headers that don’t necessitate a llint 
rebuild. The use of hashes is supposed to protect against this. 

After looking at it with Michael, we believe that the issue is just how the 
hash is computed. There’s a step where Ruby code is building a ruby array of 
ruby ints to represent a file and then looping. That should probably use 
strings and regexes. 


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