> On Oct 9, 2019, at 5:43 AM, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez <clo...@igalia.com> 
> wrote:
> On 03/10/2019 00:43, Ryosuke Niwa wrote:
>> I don't know the rules regarding the logo use but it might be a bit
>> misleading to use WebKit logo without any qualification for GTK+ port on
>> wpt.fyi.
>> I'd imagine people who visiting wpt.fyi may not realize how different GTK+
>> and Apple's WebKit ports are in terms of set of features being enabled, and
>> which sets of tests pass in each port.
>> So at minimum, we may want to add some kind of indication that it's GTK+
>> port; or that it's distinct from Apple's WebKit ports if you were to use
>> WebKit's logo somehow.
> I agree that its important to not confuse users and make clearer that
> the results are for the WebKitGTK port.
> On one hand the name would be WebKitGTK and the platform Linux, and on
> the other hand it would have on the smaller icon at the left a Tux (the
> classic Linux penguin).
> See this example of how it would look (without logo still):
> https://wpt.fyi/results/?run_id=334360001&run_id=336100010&run_id=322590004&run_id=332480002&run_id=332480003
> However, I agree that still can be confusing if we use the WebKit logo
> as is. So, let's discard doing that.
> But, I wonder if it would be OK to use a variation of the WebKit logo
> with some clearly visible modifications like different colors.
> For example: https://cloud.igalia.com/index.php/s/y4xrKBYBY8t643D
> (Its the WebKit logo but with the GTK colors)
> Would be using this variation of the logo OK?

In terms of legalities:

The WebKit logo (as well as the term WebKit) is trademarked by Apple, but there 
are acceptable use guidelines in the Terms of Use: 
https://webkit.org/terms-of-use/ . I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal 
advice, but my interpretation is that it’s OK to use the WebKit logo in 
association with WebKitGTK. As far as alterations, I think a WebKit logo with a 
GTK+ logo next to it (or Linux logo, whatever), or badging it in the corner, 
would be more in line with the guidelines than a recolor. i.e. putting another 
logo/mark next to the WebKit logo seems more appropriate than directly altering 
the logo.

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