On 10/10/2019 22:08, Ryosuke Niwa wrote:
> People often associate the term "WebKit" with Apple's WebKit port in
> practice. The risk here is really about people not understanding the nuance
> of port specific bugs & set of features. WebKit's ports are unlike Gecko's
> & Blink's because while they may have platform specific bugs, each engine
> is supposed to fully support more or less the same set of features on all
> platforms equally well, and there is a clear entity which maintains either
> engine (Mozilla & Google). With WebKit, that's not the case.
> If I were you, I'd do something like putting WebKit logo on a side of GTK+
> logo's box.

Thanks everybody for the feedback.

So I will try to see if we can create a new logo for WebKitGTK.

I understand this new logo can have some elements from the original
WebKit logo, but it has to be clearly visually different.
(for example, it would be OK to put the WebKit logo on a side of the GTK
logo cube/box, but it will not be OK to just change the colors of the
original logo)

Best regards.

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