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> 10.10.2019, 23:10, "Ryosuke Niwa" <rn...@webkit.org>:
> > People often associate the term "WebKit" with Apple's WebKit port in
> practice. The risk here is really about people not understanding the nuance
> of port specific bugs & set of features.
> However, Safari has its own column in the table, and its logo is very
> different.

I don't think that addresses my primary concern. It's very important to
signal to the rest of the world that a single port of WebKit doesn't
represent the entirety of the WebKit project for the purpose of WPT pass
rate or any other standards compliance.

We already had a discussion about how how Apple should provide JSC binary
on Linux despite of the fact Apple does not maintain any port on Linux:

I don't think we want to add more confusion to the situation by different
ports of WebKit using the WebKit logo on wpt.fyi or any other place for
that matter.

- R. Niwa
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