It would be wonderful to drastically cut down the repeated mentions of the same 
filenames. People not on Xcode platforms probably focus primarily on Xcode 
projects for this frustration. But I find it ridiculous how many places I have 
to add things. For example, to add AbstractRange I had to add filenames to:


- Sources.txt: Two source files and one IDL-generated file.


- CMakeLists.txt: IDL file.
- Headers.cmake: One source file and one IDL-generated file.


- DerivedSources.make: IDL file
- WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: IDL file, two source files, and Two 
IDL-generated files.

And also, updating these checked-in generated files (that we’d need regardless 
of build system, due to Apple build requirements):

- DerivedSources-input.xcfilelist
- DerivedSources-output.xcfilelist

It seems like we should have a goal that you should not have to list 
IDL-generated file names. That will be hard to accomplish in Xcode, though. 
Maybe the reason we haven’t been so ambitious about getting this right for 
CMake is that it’s so unreachable a goal for Xcode, given that we want the 
files to show up in a clean way in the IDE?

And it would be good to find a way to share the lists of IDL files like we do 
the list of source files. That seems relevant to this discussion of changing 

— Darin
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