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> On Oct 18, 2020, at 11:01, Sam Weinig <wei...@apple.com> wrote:
> One direct benefit of moving away from DerivedSources.make would likely be (I 
> say likely, as the details of how it works out are far from certain in my 
> mind) removing at least one place that a IDL file needs to be listed as we 
> would not need to explicitly the list the IDL file in DerivedSources.make, 
> and would only need to ensure it was in some *input.xcfilelist.

The way I imagine this working is that the existing .idl file references in the 
(e.g., WebCore) project would become members in a target with a custom build 
rule for “*.idl”. Target membership is itself another list inside the 
.xcodeproj file, just one you manage through checkboxes in Xcode (and can be 
done reasonably quickly as part of adding a new file reference).

Whether or not this actually creates one fewer “place a IDL file needs to be 
listed” (which I think is a worthwhile goal), I think you should still remove 
the Makefile build phases from Xcode for the reasons you originally cited.

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