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> Aside of that, I have added a log into the 
> DatabaseContextDelegate.databaseContextShouldUpdateCurrentSnapshot method, 
> and here I *never* get *anything* for the relationships: neither the old 
> (which is presumable) *nor the new* dictionary ever contain the 
> “userDataBlocks” or “dataBlockUsers” key — not once.

well this one's weird, or I am missing something of importance here.

Meantime, I have played with another M:N, which works without a glitch (and 
which is modelled the same way as that one which does not, incidentally). Here, 
save-time, the snapshot does contain the proper related objects (and thus 
proper INSERTs are generated).

The weird thing is that these objects *do not* come into the snapshot through 
the DatabaseContextDelegate.databaseContextShouldUpdateCurrentSnapshot method! 
It logs all right when the object is fetched, but the new (nor the old, of 
course) dictionary does *not* contain the relationship key at all -- precisely 
the same way it is with that relationship which does not work properly!

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, save-time, the snapshot is all right. 
Couriouser and couriouser, Alice would say :-O

Thanks and all the best,

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