Good job you pinged me privately as I was not subscribed to this thread for 
some reason.....anyway....

My MQTT fork has been running as a service along with OWFS driver for about 
6 months with no big issues. Most of my problems are due to my One-wire 
system hanging.

I have a separate piece of code polling a yoctopuce 
analogue to digital converter connected to my apogee SP-110 
pyranometer, this posts to mosquito.
My mqtt service pulls in this data from mosquito
The rest of my system is one-wire running as a driver

I have not dabbled with my MQTT code since I shoe stringed it together so 
what I have is dirty and not really something I'd want to brag about, it 
still needs work to be robust and kind to failures/exceptions.
The code is on github, the commit comment is "Messy but functional. No 
exception catches"

This was I recall a fork of bonjour81's fork of Bill's.
I recall I was using this because of the way i structured my MQTT data

I think if you look at some of the standard include drivers/services from 
Mwalll/Tom you will see that they support both driver or service. By 
looking at a simple one of these you can understand how to convert your 
code to a service....I think I based mine on the deltas between 
service/driver in Mwalls OWFS plugin. There may well be more elegant coding 
ways of achieving this now...i was running code from at least a year ago  
when i did this.
Also relevant is a read of 
and http://www.weewx.com/docs/customizing.htm#Adding_2nd_source

I would suggest looking at what I did and then incorporating similar 
changes in your code (Bill), certainly dont fork mine as I think you are 
multiple bug fixes ahead of me!

I will keep track of thread but afraid I have little time available at 
present. :(


On Thursday, 12 April 2018 06:14:28 UTC+12, Bill Morrow wrote:
> On Monday, 21 August 2017 08:25:59 UTC-3, Neil Trimboy wrote:
>> Correct.... The standard OWFS running as a driver for my main inputs and 
>> my modified version of yours that now runs as a service to obtain 
>> additional data from some other sensors
> Neil, is your re-implementation as a service available anywhere? It seems 
> like the preferred way to go. Most people have a driver to commercial 
> weather instrument, and want to augment it with the odd datum from some 
> other sensor. So it the MQTT subscriber driver (wxMesh is not a good name 
> anymore) turns in to a service, that becomes possible.

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