Thanks for the help guys.

Status update. Changing to the new driver allowed weewx to download all the 
info for the barometer, indoor temp sensor and anemometer. unfortunately 
the thermo hygro sensor still does not read. Im guessing this is due to the 
T-H sensor being set to channel 2, whereas n the driver its as following:

elif sensor_id == 1:
            # Outdoor temperature sensor.
            record['outTemp'] = temp
            record['outHumidity'] = humidity
            record['heatindex'] = heat_index

So I guess if i change the line to elif sensor_id == 2: instead of 1, that 
would fix it? I could add another line elif sensor_id == 1 for Channel 1 
just in case, though i think its not necessary since I only have one sensor.

Id like to test it out, but unfortunately mid way my SD card has gone belly 
up :( at least some progress was seen!

now i need to go get a new SD card and reinstall everything on my pi

On Wednesday, 12 October 2016 19:30:49 UTC+8, mwall wrote:
> On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 5:05:03 AM UTC-4, shriramvenu wrote:
>> Thanks for this. I saw the first bug but was'nt quite sure what to do. I 
>> guess i just replace in /bin/weewx/drivers? (where /bin is from 
>> the root directory of my R-pi?)
> if you installed using
> sudo mv /home/weewx/bin/weewx/drivers/ 
> /home/weewx/bin/weewx/drivers/
> cp ~/Downloads/ /home/weewx/bin/weewx/drivers/
> if you install from .deb package then the path is 
> /usr/share/weewx/weewx/drivers instead of /home/weewx/bin/weewx/drivers
> Yes I have RapidFire enabled. Before this I was uploading to Weather 
>> Underground using rapidfire via WeatherDisplay for months using my windows 
>> PC so I dont think the problem is the WMR200 hardware. Are you saying that 
>> weewx doesnt properly handle rapidfire for the WMR200?
> wmr hardware reports partial packets, i.e., one packet might contain wind 
> information, another temperature and humditiy.  this is different from 
> hardware that reports full packets, such as vantage, where every packet 
> contains a value from every sensor.
> there is no right or wrong - they are just different architectures.
> however, wu rapidfire does not like to receive data from one sensor 
> without receiving data from *all* sensors.
> apparently weather-display does some caching to keep wu rapidfire happy.
> weewx does not do any caching.  as issue #31 shows, we will probably *not* 
> do comprehensive caching in weewx, since that leads to other problems 
> (especially when you work with dynamic data collection systems and a wide 
> range of extensible sensors).  but at some point weewx will probably will 
> do caching just for wu rapidfire.
>> Also should I keep the archive interval at the default 60s or change to 
>> 300s like advised here? 
> how often do the sensors update on a wmr200?  (check the owner's manual)
> m 

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