Are you sure that this file has just been generated? The date time at line 
7 does not seem correct, as I write this it is 5 minutes before the hour, 
but the date time in the file is 5 minutes after the hour?

<realtime><data realtime="station_time">14:05 CEST</data></realtime>

I am also suspicious given that that none of the xml tags from the line you 
are trying to add are appearing in the file you posted. Are you sure you 
are editing the correct weewx_pws.xml.tmpl and/or are you sure you are 
posting the most recently generated weewx_pws.xml ?


On Sunday, 6 August 2017 22:50:34 UTC+10, Nicolas Cazan wrote:
> Le dimanche 6 août 2017 14:36:15 UTC+2, gjr80 a écrit :
>> Ok, so what does the generated weewx_pws.xml look like now?
>> Gary

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