Gary - I'll still be getting 90% of the data from the fine offset - so will 
need to use the fousb driver - just that there is an additional field for 
intemp sitting on the server to be added to the FO data somehow - at either 
the LOOP or the REC level - and I'll probably just use one of the existing 
'spare' fields.

On Friday, 11 August 2017 05:39:12 UTC+3, gjr80 wrote:
> Doh!!  Helps to edit the correct file!!!! 
> Yes, have sufferred from this one myself on (a number of) occassion(s).
> What's the recommend3d way of adding data from a different source (my 
>> file) into a REC??
> From a file the best way would be to use the fileparse driver 
> <>.  
> should be in bin/examples/fileparse on your install, just 
> install it via wee_extension. The readme gives basic install info only, 
> have a read of the comments up front of for more config 
> info. The hardest part will be deciding what field to put you new intemp 
> into; inTemp, some other existing field or a new field that you would 
> need to add to your schema. All are easy enough, the first 2 would be 
> handled through the fileparse driver setup, the latter would require some 
> manipulation of your db schema but that is well covered in the 
> Customization Guide.
> Gary

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