Yep, that is basically 'fileparse in a service'. You might want to bind to 
NEW_LOOP_PACKET rather than NEW_ARCHIVE_RECORD if you are using software 
record generation, that would give a 'truer' representation over an archive 
period. If you do then you need to change event.record to event.packet. 
Also there is no unit checking in that code so you need to make sure that 
the intemp data is in the same units as the packets/records emitted from 
your driver.


On Friday, 11 August 2017 13:22:35 UTC+10, Andrew Milner wrote:
> just found that from the wiki does exactly what I need.  Thanks 
> for getting me past my mental block though
> On Friday, 11 August 2017 06:12:56 UTC+3, gjr80 wrote:
>> Of course, my mistake. Still easy enough, just a simple service run up 
>> front in the process_services list to add your intemp to the loop packet 
>> as whatever field you want it to be stored in. The trickiest part will be 
>> making sure the units match the existing loop packet unit system. If using 
>> software record generation then WeeWX will take care of the accumulation of 
>> intemp and it will appear in archive records and saved to archive as long 
>> as the field name is in the schema.
>> Gary
>> On Friday, 11 August 2017 12:51:32 UTC+10, Andrew Milner wrote:
>>> Gary - I'll still be getting 90% of the data from the fine offset - so 
>>> will need to use the fousb driver - just that there is an additional field 
>>> for intemp sitting on the server to be added to the FO data somehow - at 
>>> either the LOOP or the REC level - and I'll probably just use one of the 
>>> existing 'spare' fields.
>>> On Friday, 11 August 2017 05:39:12 UTC+3, gjr80 wrote:
>>>> Doh!!  Helps to edit the correct file!!!! 
>>>> Yes, have sufferred from this one myself on (a number of) occassion(s).
>>>> What's the recommend3d way of adding data from a different source (my 
>>>>> file) into a REC??
>>>> From a file the best way would be to use the fileparse driver 
>>>> <>.  
>>>> should be in bin/examples/fileparse on your install, just 
>>>> install it via wee_extension. The readme gives basic install info 
>>>> only, have a read of the comments up front of for more 
>>>> config info. The hardest part will be deciding what field to put you new 
>>>> intemp into; inTemp, some other existing field or a new field that you 
>>>> would need to add to your schema. All are easy enough, the first 2 would 
>>>> be 
>>>> handled through the fileparse driver setup, the latter would require some 
>>>> manipulation of your db schema but that is well covered in the 
>>>> Customization Guide.
>>>> Gary

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