A few days later I'll also endorse the Raspberry Pi 3.  I've been running 
WeeWX on it for a year and haven't had any outages that weren't my own 

I should probably back up the micro SD card, since it's been in use for a 

This thing has not stopped working.  No outages.  Uptime runs from whenever 
I do an apt-get update to the next time (I always reboot after doing an 
upgrade because that's one of the times weewx crapped out, when I updated 
some system stuff).

I have no experience with other systems.  

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 2:38:36 PM UTC-5, Alec Bennett wrote:
> I've been running weeWX on a Beaglebone Black for about a year now, and 
> the thing has been freezing about once a month. It's running headless so is 
> hard to diagnose.
> I'm probably going to switch to a Pi, but thought I'd see if anyone has 
> any other suggestions for a very reliable mini computer that plays nice 
> with weeWX?

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