Judging by the type of errors in the log (timeouts, can't create directory, 
unable to build connection) I would be starting with your hosting provider, 
maybe there is something in the logs on their side. Seems there is an issue 
of some desciption during most report cycles so it should be too hard to 
spot. As for the different appearances, when I visted your site just now 
the weewx.css file could not be found so that fairly much kills all of your 
site formatting leaving you with a very crude text/image layout. Perhaps 
some of the browsers/devices may have cached some files so that may be why 
some have more 'formatting' than others. But going by the logs (small 
random upload failures) I would expect the missing css will shortly be 

Interesting that your gauges seem to be working fine (though it is hard to 
tell if nothing is chnagign regularly) but the gauges don't use FTP to 
upload any files to your host.


On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 07:06:30 UTC+10, Steve2Q wrote:
> Andrew: I just got home and checked the site. There are no longer any 
> missing charts. On my cell phone using Chrome, the site appears as it 
> always has, the "the bells and whistles" version. However, using Firefox on 
> both my phone and Desktop and Chrome on the Desktop it shows as the 
> stripped down version. Must be those net neutrality gremlins!!?
> Steve

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