Max, I am no expert, but I do currently have an Acurite 5-in-1 sensor, 
along with two additional temperature/humidity sensors, using an Acurite 
"smart hub" to receive the signals and the Interceptor driver to import the 
data into weeWX. It works well, but there are a few catches. 

First of all, the Smart Hub is a discontinued product, no longer supported 
by Acurite. It no longer works as originally intended, to upload data to 
Acurite's servers. However, it can still work with weeWX. Some work is 
required to make that happen, though. In these forums, the Smart Hub is 
often referred to as the Acurite Bridge.

The Access is the product that has replaced the Smart Hub in Acurite's 
line. It does work as the Smart Hub did originally, receiving data from 
wireless sensors and uploading it to Acurite's servers. However, it does 
NOT work well with weeWX, because the data is encrypted. I think there is 
an unencrypted feed of data to Weather Underground that can be used with 
weeWX, but the data set is much more limited.

If you can obtain a working Smart Hub (apparently, some of them were 
bricked during an Acurite update; the first one I got did not work at all) 
you will need to change your local network's DNS settings, so that when the 
Smart Hub tries to send data to, it will go to the 
machine running weeWX, instead. If your router gives you that level of 
control, great. But if not, you'll have to make other arrangements. In my 
case, I now have a Raspberry Pi running the pi-hole software as a local DNS 
server, and it works very well.

As Rich mentioned, there is another option. Instead of using the Smart Hub, 
you can use a Software-defined radio (SDR) receiver to receive the signals 
from the sensor(s) and the sdr driver to import the data into weeWX. I have 
absolutely no experience with that and can't offer any worthwhile comments. 
But since you say you already have a receiver, it's probably worth a try.

Good luck to you! As I said, I'm no expert, so there are probably some 
mistakes in the summary I gave you, but I hope someone will correct them.

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 7:46:05 PM UTC-4, Max G wrote:
> :) OK, if I understand you correctly, there is a hardware interface of 
>> sort required between the weather station and the computer...
> I have got a 433MHz dongle... :) what software do you use do decode the 
> signal? Where does it run on? Raspberry? 

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