Hi Gray,

I tried to run Weewx directly during a rain event and this also did not 
help, the rain data gets updated to wunderground only at 5 minutes 
interval. But I made one observation, both the weewx seasons report and the 
the rain data in wunderground gets updated exactly at the same time. Not 
sure whether there is any link to this. May be someone can throw some light.


On Thursday, 18 July 2019 16:39:40 UTC+5:30, kar ss wrote:
> Thanks Gary, I can check the rain data only during the next rain event. I 
> am attaching the syslog file as a text document. Hope this helps you get 
> some additional insight into the issue.
> SS
> On Thursday, 18 July 2019 15:22:42 UTC+5:30, gjr80 wrote:
>> Ok, so you should be seeing rain info posted to WU more frequently than 
>> once every 5 minutes. If you edit weewx.conf and set debug = 2 then restart 
>> WeeWX you will see in the log the data that is being posted to WU. It 
>> should appear every 18 or 36 odd seconds. Is rain data being posted? Can 
>> you copy a portion of the log and post it here? 
>> It is quite possible that WeeWX is posting the data but WU is somehow 
>> ignoring/losing/butchering it.
>> Gary

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