Ok, so we can see that WeeWX is indeed sending RF updates to WU many times each 
archive period. What we can’t see is any non-zero rain values being sent 
(assume this is because it was not raining during the log extract - if it was 
raining we have a more fundamental data issue). What you should do now 
investigate what happens when it does rain; there are two checks you can do 
here. Firstly you can do a gross error check just by looking at the RF entries 
for dailyrainin and rainin in the log; are they non-zero? are they sensible, do 
they seem to agree with the console? You can also do a more involved detailed 
analysis, this time run WeeWX directly while it is raining. Capture the console 
output for an archive period or two and then go back and look at the log 
entries for the corresponding period. If rainin and dailyrainin agrees with the 
loop rain data then the issue is WU. If rainin or dailyrainin does not agree 
with the loop data then there is a WeeWX/station issue.


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