I am using python 2.7.  I tried the sudo apt-get install python-configobj  
resulting in an error:

Err http://mirrordirector.raspbian.org/raspbian/ weezy/main 
python-configobj all 4.7.7+ds-4
404 not found 
Failed to fetch 
404 not found
E: unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with 

I did try apt-get update --fix-missing with no benefit.

this has to be something simple that I am unaware of.

thanks for your patience and time,  Mike

On Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 9:52:51 AM UTC-5, david glenn wrote:
> I am new to weewx and have very basic linux and python skills.  I'd like 
> to run weewx on windows 10 with python 3.7.  I've read the 'Python 3 
> strategy' in the users group and it's outside my skill level.  The users 
> guide for 2.7 seems very straightforward and meets the guide statement of " 
> Ability 
> to do simple Unix tasks such as changing file permissions and running 
> commands".  that I can do.  Has an installation guide been developed for 
> Windows 10 and python 3 and where can I find it?
> To introduce myself, I am a retired research plant physiologist.  I built 
> a raspberry pi weather station and developed the code for it to monitor the 
> external weather as well as conditions in a small greenhouse.  After a year 
> or so I decided that many of the sensors were unreliable so I purchased a 
> Davis Vantage Pro unit and will use weewx to manage the data.  
> I realize I could subscribe to the WeatherLInk Pro site and obtain what I 
> want but I'd prefer to develop it myself (with your help).  As a colleague 
> once wrote "what fun is it if it works out of the box".  My alternative is 
> to use a RPI with python 2.7 and a samba server to shuttle the data to my 
> PC but I'd rather handle it directly on the PC if possible.  I looked into 
> downloading Python 2.7 on the WIN10 PC and it seems python.org no longer 
> provides it because it is being phased-out.
> I greatly appreciate the time in helping me get started and any advice on 
> my strategy,  David

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