Are there any 1.11 executables available for any platforms?

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Subject: Release: GNU Wget 1.11

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of

  GNU Wget 1.11

It's been over two years since the last release, 1.10.2, but we've made
it. (Thanks mainly to the efforts of Wget's previous maintainer, Mauro
Tortonesi - thanks Mauro!)

The source code is available available at

Documentation is at

Wget now has a wiki! The Wget Wgiki,


Among the various improvements over version 1.10.2 are:
  - Migration to the GPLv3+ license.
  - Improvements to the HTTP password authentication code, bringing
    it a little closer to RFC compliance (more is needed).
  - Basic support for respecting filenames specified via
    `Content-Disposition' headers (turned on with --content-disposition,
    but please read the documentation).
  - An --ignore-case option to make wildcard- and suffix-matching
  - The --spider feature is working again (was broken in previous
  - Myriad bug-fixes (of course!).

We're excited about Wget's future, with such planned improvements as:
  - Support for downloading and converting links in CSS files and
    stylesheet elements/attributes.
  - Support for using GNUTLS to handle encrypted sessions.
  - Better international support (IRIs, IDNs).
  - HTTP/1.1
  - Regex-based filename accept/reject.
  - "Content-Type"-based accept/reject.
  - More efficient/complete support for Content-Disposition, to be
    enabled by default.
  - Fully RFC-compliant HTTP authentication.
  - Non-echoing password prompting.

And (more down-the-road):
  - Support for processing multiple simultaneous connections
  - Better fine-grained control over configuration settings (such as
    URI-specific settings).
  - A more generalized resource-storage mechanism, allowing not only
    recursive fetches to the filesystem, but to (say) tarballs or
    MIME multipart/related entities (.mht files), etc.


The GNU Wget project is in serious need of development help. If you'd like
to ensure that the next release of Wget arrives before another two years
elapse, please, _please_ get involved. See for information on how you
can help out.

We also currently have an IRC channel, #wget on
Various people are come there to ask questions about using Wget, but
currently only the project maintainer is hanging around to answer them
(when I'm able!). If you've found Wget to be a valuable tool, and would
like to help other people learn how to make good use of it (or, of
course, if you have questions about how to use it yourself), please do
come by!


GNU Wget was originally written by Hrvoje Niksic, who graciously donated
it to the Free Software Foundation.

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