I just like to point out that "stealing from cURL" would in fact not convert
the cURL source to GPL, since the curl source code is MIT licensed. The
license requires the copyright text to be included.

Since I am the originator of most curl code (and quite probably of the
particular SSL related code that has been refered to here), I am willing to
donate source code from curl to wget, with a translated (to GPL) license for
those parts, if need be.

curl has successfully supported https:// powered by SSLeay and OpenSSL for
many years by now.

(Not related to this, but I thought I could through this in: One of the
blue-sky dreams I have for a rainy day, is converting wget to use libcurl as
transport layer for FTP(S)/HTTP(S)...)

       Daniel Stenberg -- curl dude -- http://curl.haxx.se/

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