Its is  a  fantastic  library that supports multithreading too.I use it
and  is easy to use
Thanks to Daniel

Hrvoje Niksic wrote:

> Daniel Stenberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > (Not related to this, but I thought I could through this in: One of
> > the blue-sky dreams I have for a rainy day, is converting wget to
> > use libcurl as transport layer for FTP(S)/HTTP(S)...)
> Such a thing is not entirely out of the question.  I'm not exactly
> satisfied with Wget's "backend" code and I've been thinking about ways
> to redesign it for years now.  But designing an HTTP layer is damned
> hard.  You have to handle the concepts of "connection" and "download",
> as well as "reconnecting", persistent and non-persistent connections,
> etc.  Then come the proxies, redirections, protocols based on HTTP
> which are not exactly HTTP, and a legion of other nuisances.
> Wget has traditionally been advertised as a "no dependency" program,
> i.e. people have been reported to install it right after `gzip' and
> `gcc'.  But if I found a library that handled all of the above issues
> *graciously* (sorry folks, not libwww), I think I would prefer to use
> it than implement all of those things myself.
> I haven't looked at cURL before, but will do so.  Is the documentation
> available online?  If you are willing to advertise its features, take
> this as an invitation to do so.  :-)
> (I'm now reading curl(1) man page and finding many cool things to
> steal, interface-wise.)

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