Daniel Stenberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I just like to point out that "stealing from cURL" would in fact not
> convert the cURL source to GPL, since the curl source code is MIT
> licensed. The license requires the copyright text to be included.

I would add to this that, even if cURL were under the GPL, I would
still need an explicit assignment to the FSF before being able to
incorporate the code to Wget.  That's how GNU works.

(It would of course be perfectly legal for a third party to mix two
pieces of GPL'ed code; it's just that the FSF prefers to own the code
that goes in GNU.)

> Since I am the originator of most curl code (and quite probably of
> the particular SSL related code that has been refered to here), I am
> willing to donate source code from curl to wget, with a translated
> (to GPL) license for those parts, if need be.

I would be grateful for such a contribution.

Before doing that, we should find out if cURL code can be used in
Wget, and who would do the merge.  (I cannot do it because I don't
understand or use SSL at all.)  It would be a shame if your donated
ended up not being used!

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