Frank McCown wrote:
> I'm afraid wget won't do exactly what you want it to do.  Future
> versions of wget may enable you to specify a wildcard to select which
> files you'd like to download, but I don't know when you can expect
> that behavior.

The more I use wget, the more I like it, even if I use HTTrack more often.
So someday I hope I will find some time to contribute to the project. There
are a few features I would like it to support, like the "wildcard" feature
you mention. Actually it supports regular expressions but it seems the
"--page-requisites" option overrides all applied filters.

> In the meantime I'd recommend writing a script which performs a wget
> -P on the index.html file and then pulls out all links to images and
> feeds those to wget for retrieval.

Yes I also thought about post-processing the archive using a simple PHP
script. In fact... I think I will try that solution in the next few days.
Stay tuned :).

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