Frank McCown wrote:
> I'm afraid wget won't do exactly what you want it to do.  Future
> versions of wget may enable you to specify a wildcard to select which
> files you'd like to download, but I don't know when you can expect
> that behavior.

I have an other opinion about that limitation. Could it be considered as a
bug ? From the "Types of Files" section of the manual we can read : « Note
that these two options do not affect the downloading of html files; Wget
must load all the htmls to know where to go at all-recursive retrieval would
make no sense otherwise. ». It means the accept and reject options don't
work on HTML files. But I think they should because, special in this case,
you deliberately have to exclude them. Excluding them makes sense. So I
don't really know what to do... Consider the problem as a bug, as a new
feature to implement or as an existing feature that should be redesigned.
It's pretty tricky.

I guess post-processing the archive using a PHP script is okay for now.
After all it seems I was the only one to ever request such a feature.

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