well that doesn't work in most real case situations since .html's are a minority now a days so you'd get all the dynamic pages (.php, urls with no extension, etc)

i feel like the desired behavior is closer to -p than -r. it seems kind of unnatural to me that --accept totally overrides -p but on the other hand the current -A behavior is important in the context of -r.

what may be needed is an --accept-also option similar to --accept but less extremist. the code that handles the inlines for -p could then check if links are in the --accept-also format and if so include them as well.

i could then do a 'wget -p -k --accept-also ".pdf" '


On 3/24/06, Hrvoje Niksic < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
thomas <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > writes:

> i tried adding '-r -l1 - A.pdf' but that removes the html page and all the
> '-p' files.

How about -r -l1 -R.html?  That would download the HTML and the linked
contents, but not other HTMLs.

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