Help for a newbie please.

I have created my wgetrc file. It contains the following variables:

input = C:\WGET\source.txt
user = xxxxxxxx (crossed out for security)
password = yyyyyyyy (crossed out for security)
check_certificate = off
recursive = on
reclevel = 2
no_parent = off
dirstruct = off
html_extension = off
accept = "*06*BATCH*VAT.CGL"
reject = "*.CGL","*.CHK"
quiet = on
server_response = on
logfile = C:\WGET\Wgetlog.log

When I run in debug mode (wget -d), my log file shows the directory listing of 
all files from the site specified.

Yet after "deciding whether to enqueue" those specified by the "accept" 
command variable, "Decided NOT to load it" is always the result.

Have I done something wrong with the wgetrc file or it's variables?

Thanks in advance.


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