Mauro Tortonesi <mauro.tortonesi <at>> writes:

you are using wildcard to specify which files to accept or reject, and wget 
does not support them.

Thanks for the quick response Mauro!  
I am surprised at the response though because from the wget.html doc I read 
the following:

accept = acclist 
The argument to --accept option is a list of file suffixes or patterns that 
Wget will download during recursive retrieval. A suffix is the ending part of 
a file, and consists of "normal" letters, e.g. gif or .jpg. A matching pattern 
contains shell-like wildcards, e.g. books* or zelazny*196[0-9]*. 
So, specifying wget -A gif,jpg will make Wget download only the files ending 
with gif or jpg, i.e. GIFs and JPEGs. On the other hand, wget -A "zelazny*196
[0-9]*" will download only files beginning with zelazny and containing numbers 
from 1960 to 1969 anywhere within. Look up the manual of your shell for a 
description of how pattern matching works. 

Of course, any number of suffixes and patterns can be combined into a comma-
separated list, and given as an argument to -A.

Has this ability to specify patterns changed? Is there any way else I can 
specify the types of files I want i.e. only those with file names after 
the "accepted" pattern?

BTW I forgot to mention that I'm using Wget Ver 1.10.2

Thanks in advance.


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