Mauro Tortonesi <mauro.tortonesi <at>> writes:

 Jim Wright wrote:
 > Wildcards don't work is the accepted wisdom.  I just realized that I
 > have been using downloads of the form "--accept AB06*a.T00,AB06*a.BNX"
 > for a long time and it works fine for me.  Should it not?
 of course! i can't believe i wrote something so stupid. i was working on 
 regex support, which will be included the next wget release, and for 
 some reason (my brain was probably unplugged) i confused regex's with 
 wildcards. i am sorry.
 you're right, of course.

Thank you very much I've got the test version working now. :-)
Right, now I just have to migrate it into the "live" environment...
I may be back but in case not, I appreciate the help.



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