Jim Wright <jwright <at> unavco.org> writes:

> Wildcards don't work is the accepted wisdom.  I just realized that I
> have been using downloads of the form "--accept AB06*a.T00,AB06*a.BNX"
> for a long time and it works fine for me.  Should it not?
> Looking at the lines below, the reject encompasses all of the accept,
> so if reject is applied after accept, this may also explain the problem.
> Jim
> On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Mauro Tortonesi wrote:
> > > accept = "*06*BATCH*VAT.CGL"
> > > reject = "*.CGL","*.CHK"
> > 
> > you are using wildcard to specify which files to accept or reject, and wget
> > does not support them.
Good spot there Jim! My thanks. :-))
Changed reject variable to remove "*.CGL" and modified "*.CHK" to simply CHK.
Also amended the accept variable to simply CGL - this is not really what I 
want but I'm willing to try anything to first get a hit before I try to 
whittle it down further.

Happy to say I'm now getting a hit - well actually tons of them!! as the site 
contains files with names "*BatchXXXX.CGL" as well as "*BatchXXXXVAT.CGL".

It is only the latter files that I want.

Any helpful hints? Or am going to have to resort to writing a batch file to 
sift the data?

As always, thanks for your knowlegdable inputs.


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