I don't want this to spiral down to Micah bashing.  He has brought a lot
of good energy to the project, and gotten things moving forward nicely.

I know of instances where this option would be useful for me, and others
have chipped in.  I think we all agree it isn't perfect and there is
no perfect solution for the situation.  But it is better than what
exists now.

How about one last hypothetical situation, and then I'll bow out of this.
(Yes, I can live a happy life if this option isn't included!)

Joe Random User can type

    wget --limit-percent 50% ftp://site/BigImage.iso

and then happily play his online game without giving up all his
bandwidth, and without having to have a clue about networking.  A simple
--limit-percent replaces trying to explain to someone how to determine
their bandwidth and then specifying some amount which is less than the
total but still leaves enough for "other activity".


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