Tony Godshall wrote:
> If it was me, I'd have it default to backing off to 95% by default and
> have options for more aggressive behavior, like the multiple
> connections, etc.

I don't like a default back-off rule. I often encounter downloads with
often changing download speeds. The idea that the first few seconds I
only have a quite bad speed and could get much more out of it is just
not satisfying.

> I'm surprised multiple connections would buy you anything, though.  I
> guess I'll take a look through the archives and see what the argument
> is.  Does one tcp connection back off on a lost packet and the other
> one gets to keep going?  Hmmm.

I guess you get improvements if e.g. on your side you have more free
bandwidth than on the source-side. Having two connections than means,
that you get almost twice the download speed, because you have two
connections competing for free bandwidth and ideally every connection
made two the sever is equally fast.

So in cases, where you are the only one connecting, you probably win



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